5 Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners

The easy nail art designs for beginners and amateurs in the changing world. Are you completely new to nail art and you are looking to learn a few things? Or you know a thing or two and are looking for some easy nail art designs you can easily recreate?

If any of these describe your situation, I have put together these 5 easy nail art designs for beginners like you. Keep reading and let me show you one or two tricks you can pull.

easy nail art designs for beginners

Nail art has grown to become a way of expression for so many of us. One reason being the aesthetic value it offers and another for the flexibility it allows in creating, embellishing and designing our nails.

The internet is going wild with crazy nail art. There is hardly any nail art design you can think of that has not been created and in the most adorable ways.

While acrylic nail art is still the most popular, artificial nail art design, some people still prefer gel nail extensions as an alternative.

Some people say they prefer gel nails because of how cute and natural they look; others prefer acrylic nails for their durability. They are strong and tend to last longer than gel nails.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn nail art designs, I am here to ensure you are able to find your way around with this easy nail art designs.

So, sit back, relax, and get your materials ready as we take a dive into the basics of easy nail art designs.

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Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

It is so easy to get bored with one type of nail art design. Nails are an essential part of ladies’ fashion.

They add an extra sauce to our dressing and overall makeup. Why not style them the way that we want and create adorable designs?

There are different colors and paints that we can use. Nail painting is creative art. It makes you feel confident and young.

Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, you can create just any design with your nails, from easy to the more complicated designs.

What you should really consider is a design that suits your personality perfectly.

Colors have a way of reflecting who we are, what we like and what we do. So, it is essential that you use all the right colors for your nail designs. Combine varying color patterns to create a design that is completely unique.

easy nail art designs for beginners

Check out these amazing nail art designs below. We have made it simple and easy so the beginner can easily understand the steps.

A quick reminder: always begin your nail design with a base coat. Not only does it protect your real fingernails from getting stained with paint, it also allows whatever polish you want to apply on your nails to stick.

Super Cute and Easy X Cure

Begin this design by adding a pastel yellow polish to the coat of your nails. Don’t forget the dotting tool by which you will make X-shape dots to your nails after dipping it in a blob of red polish.

After this is done, dip the dotting tool into a pink polish and fill the entire triangle with some dots. Finish this design by tidying up the rough edges.

That wasn’t difficult, was it? So you have a super cool X-shape design that’s really cute to behold.

Cute Dotted Flower Design

This nail art design is made with a bobby pin. It is a really good substitute for a dotty tool. You will be making a daisies flower.

easy nail art designs for beginners

First, paint your nail base in a light sky-blue polish then dip it into a white polish to make the petals.

Create five dots around in a circle for the flowers, then add a few more. Dip the bobby pin in shimmery metallic gold polish and add dots to the middle of the flowers.

Upside-down French Tip

This super chick design can be easily made. Get started by painting your nails in a pastel pink polish. Wait for some 10-12 minutes for it dry completely and add a fast-drying coat over it.

The trick to making this design easy is to add a circle band-Aid. Peel of the backing and place it over your dry nail.

Leaving a few millimeters showing at the top, press it down firmly and add a pink polish by the cuticle of your nails.

Quickly peel off the band-aid and you will have a perfect line. You can clean up the excess polish around your skin with acetone and a small pink brush.

Easy Color Block French Tip

To begin this nail design, you need to first add a coat of pastel pink and purple polish. We will be using quite a lot of pastels for this design.

Necks wipe a metallic polish across the tip of your nail. Make sure you cover both sides of you nail pretty well.

Then swipe a dark purple in the opposite direction. You can clean up excess polish off after with a nail polish remover. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Adorable Strawberry

This easy nail art design will have you dreaming of summer. Begin this design by painting your nails with a strawberry red nail polish.

Once it is dry, you will need a toothpick to make tiny dots on your nails. Dip the toothpick into a yellow nail polish and then add some seeds over your nail.

Be certain to line up what’s left so you are left with a neat look.

To create the leaves, all you need is to dip the toothpick into bright green polish and create three little triangles coming down your cuticle.

This is a super cute design for some and you should give it a try.

Gold Glitter

This nail art design is perfect for parties and all formal occasions. The glitter gradient is made by dipping the thin brush into a light pink polish.

Wait for it to dry and add another gold glitter polish. Swipe one coat of glitter nail polish halfway down your nail.

With the focus on your cuticle, add a second layer on the tip of your nails to give it a gradient effect.

When next you are considering what dress you would wear to a party, you can switch colors to match with your dress.

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