Emerald Green Acrylic Nails

I am going to show you guys the cute emerald green acrylic nails that everybody loved. Did them like last week so right here, I am just showing you guys the products I am using. I do not know if you were able to see the number for the nude color, it is one of my favorites from valentine’s, it is from Victoria’s collection. You know I had to put a couple of drops of acetone in the monomer so that it could speed up the drying process because, as I mentioned before, our product dries slower.

Emerald Green Acrylics

The emerald green acrylic nails are a beautiful color for anyone looking to change their nails for the holidays. For many this color is festive and is a great addition to any outfit. The emerald green acrylic nails are a great color for anyone to rock, especially around the holiday season. These nails are not just a great addition to any outfit they are also a great addition to any celebration. Whether you have a holiday party, a wedding, or a New Years Eve party these nails are a great addition.

Emerald green acrylics are one of the most popular colors among ladies. They are so popular because they can be used for a variety of occasions, such as wedding, prom and concerts. They are also a seasonal color that some people like to wear during Christmas time. It is a color that stands out and looks beautiful on most skin tones. There are many different ways to wear emerald green acrylic nails. First, you can go with a solid color on all fingers. Then, you can add a few different designs, such as stars or snowflakes. It is also a good idea to add some silver sparkle to your nails. You can also create a unique design for your ring finger, such as a snowman or Christmas ornaments.

Here are some of the latest, cool, and funky green acrylic nails. As you all know, the emerald green is the color of the year. The green nails are expected to be the hottest trend of the season. Do you have a green nail polish in your vanity case? If not, then you should try one of these cool, funky, and stylish designs.

Acrylic Nails Coffin

So, the monomer will let it dry and pretty much regular time like what it would have been in regular speed or a little bit faster in, like average weather. And if you did not know, girlfriend yeah. The weather plays a big role in how fast or slow your product dries. So, my clients she wanted more of square coffin. Some people call it tapered, so I ended up using the extra-long stiletto and then I just cut them down a little shorter. She did not want them that long and then I feel like that shape of nail tip is perfect because it is a little bit wider towards the center of the of the tip versus the extra longs the little coffin.

That one is a lot slimmer so, depending on what my clients want their nail shape to look like is what determines which tip I am going to be using. I just wanted to share that with you, because I was just talking about nail tips with another Nail tech on Instagram, so I was like – let me share it with everybody else as well, so she ended up wanting her ring finger, the ring finger, and the thumb all nude, because those were going to have bling.

The other three are going to be like little French with glitter.

Normally, when I do nude that depends on nude but the majority of the nudes, are considered a core color, so they do not really need encapsulating. So, I will do the nail as thick as I am going to want it so that I do not have to encapsulate it. I do this with nudes and clear, not really with color acrylic, because color acrylic does not really have the strength as one that is a core. I ended up switching my brush because I was using a number 16 and when I am doing a little frenchies, I call them little frenchies. Control over my product is easy with a smaller brush because the size of a brush does play a big role in how your product also flows.

If you are a beginner, I do not recommend you trying a big brush. I mean you can if you want to, but personally, I recommend a brush that is size 8 through 12. Nothing larger until you have more practice because the larger the brush, the crazier your acrylic will go because it does hold a lot more monomer. If you are using acrylics that are slower setting, I do recommend using a smaller brush that way. I do recommend using a smaller brush, less liquid in the brush and I am not like a super professional at these little frenchies. I do try my best to make them as perfect as possible, but I still struggle with them girlfriend, and I like to work a little bit at a time when making emerald green acrylic nails

Acrylic Nails

Start at the apex area, which is where the nail tip and the natural nail meet, and that is where I start to decide how long of a nail bed I am going to be doing. Is it going to be round or is it going to be pointier? And then because they are not always a lot perfect or anything like that. I always go in with a little file and I try to perfect them a little bit more sometimes, but with practice, we all get better. So, this is a color that I was using for the green it is from young nails. I got it in a kit many years ago, when I used to use my secret products and then I transferred to young nails.

Acrylic Nails Efficiency

 I ended up buying three kits, because I just love the deal especially as it will assist with making acrylic emerald green nails. One of the kits came with this glitter and I have been having it there forever, because I always tell you guys, you must apply very thin layers, there is no need for all these blobs of products if you are just wasting it on the napkin. I mean, if that is what you do, girl go for it, but I recommend to just work a little at a time. I understand time is money, but so is your product especially if it is a product that they discontinue. And you just use it all up on this and now it is all over the napkin and then  can no longer get it because it is discontinued.

You  have to think about that too. So just use a little bit, do not over apply glitters or colored acrylics and then the rest you apply with clear acrylic. Have you guys ever noticed that coloring glitters are always in smaller jars, like very rarely do companies make them in larger containers? You know why? Because you do not need that much like I have been having this color for a long time. Let me know in the comments if you have had product for over two years, that you have never used but girl we are going to use it one day, we are going to use it.

Do not think that you are just buying things, you are going to use them one day. Think about making the coffin emerald green acrylic nails when the need arises. Like this girl, this client of mine, she showed me a picture and she is like I am going to want glitter frenchies. I was like okay girl, and then she told me that she wanted emerald bling and I am like oh girl. I have this color. That is like hell, perfect super perfect for that bling and that is how we ended up with this color but yeah. So, my little frenchies are not like a lot perfect.  

I am just going to encapsulate them, and I always apply my beads always, always, always when I start and when I finish and or when I am encapsulating in the apex. The apex is where the nail tip and the natural nail meet. Pretty much that is the stress area, where you are more likely to break a nail.

 If you hit yourself or bump it or somebody steps on you or whatever the hell, it is going to break, and they will not break if they have the proper thickness in your apex. I am going to be doing the bling bling now and I am using the one and only labeling adhesive and the secret activator. I get a lot of people who ask me what activator you recommend, but you can use whatever you have girlfriend.

The Green Acrylic Nails

You do not have to use my secret, that is just something that I have used. Ever since I tried it, I fell in love and I have tried a different one. That is white. I feel like it is too strong. I feel like I am about to get cancer with that. Just sniffing it. I do not know, but everybody likes different things. What works for me may not work for you.

I was showing you guys a little clip like a little glimpse of my middle finger because I put on one of those emerald shapes for the emerald green acrylic nails. I tell you guys all the time apply a little at a time, because this thing can dry fast could dry slow depending, I did have the heater on, and it was pointing at me. So, I am not sure that made the glue dry faster, but there are times where it does not dry that fast. You can never be too careful.

Somebody did request that I talk about the sizes of the crystals, so the marquis. I think it is eight by eight! I do not really know but I call them small. So, the next marquis, I believe, is a size, nine, and then my client just let me freestyle her little bling because she did not really know what she wanted, but she is not like special or anything.

 I am sure she was going to like whatever I gave her because she is not picky or special. She wanted some bling on her thumb, and we did remarkably similar just larger stones. Hopefully, we will have time to the emerald green and gold acrylic nails and have some fun with it

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