Halloween Nail Art Ideas From Really Creative Minds

Looking for some Halloween nail art ideas? You have come to the right place. We all anticipate that time of the year when ghost stories fill the air and kids scurry to find their mothers at the end of a scary tale. Halloween is a holiday observed on the last day of October every year.

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, there is a need to go all the way this year. From inventing dark, spooky costumes to carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns to pulling mostly harmless pranks, there is no rule against showing your freaky side.


With costumes on everyone’s mind, there is a need to spice things up and go all out this Halloween. Have you thought about some Halloween nail art ideas? Exploring the freak side of you by getting creative with your nails during Halloween can make quite a frightening statement about your creativity.

There is going to be an awful lot of costumed people out there and there are only a few ways you can stand out from the crowd. These Halloween nail art ideas will help you get your creepy volume up amid a large, kooky and frightening crowd during Halloween.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right in. But before we start, I probably should warn you: This might get a little spooky. You can also see Halloween nail art for short nails.

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Sophisticated Skull Nails

If you could dress up as your favorite creepy character, who would it be? I bet you’re already thinking of creative ways to style your Halloween costume, but you should consider displaying your spooky side with these Halloween nail art ideas.

You could have sophisticated skull nail designs painted on one part of your nails or they could cover all ten fingers, depends on what strikes your spooky.

Halloween is a time where people build a community through the creation of their costumes. So, it’s really not just about the costumes but the creativity behind it; how it moves from spooky to creepy. You could paint your favorite creepy character into stiletto nails.

Adorable Ghosts Nails

Ghosts are usually scary and spooky, but when you have them drawn or painted amusingly, most people would find them quite adorable.

If you are looking to create something original yet spooky with these Halloween nail art ideas, adorable ghost nails are a way to go for Halloween this season.

Personally, I think this would be a perfect fit with a gothic queen costume or a zombie school girl Halloween costume.

You could use glittered nail paint so it isn’t very dark and it makes your ghost nails look really cute and attractive, even when it’s dark.

Spider-Web Nail Art

The beauty of Halloween is the costumes and makeup you can conjure with your creativity. This might seem like a really complicated procedure to complete. It may require some time to paint each web line into your nails, the end result is distinguished fingernails that express your creativity and spookiness at the same time.

Scary Skeleton Nail Art

I still don’t understand why I get the chills every time I see one of these skeletons drawn or painted on a surface.

There are many designs you can go with this. You can have 3D metal skeletons to ghosts night Halloween nail designs to Glow in the dark nail arts, the creativity on this is endless.

These designs may not necessarily be terrifying. However, people will find them absolutely mesmerizing because of how real and weirdly creative they appear.

Graveyard Nail Art

I think most people get very uncomfortable whenever they hear ‘graveyard’ come up in a phrase, but the point about these designs is not really to scare people but to show your creativity in a spooky way. It is already weird that I said that, right? But wait until you see people’s reaction as they stare into the designs on your nails in weird amusement. This nail design is perfect with your ghost costume.

halloween nail art ideas
halloween nail art ideas

Ouija Board Nail Art

Imagine a tool that could answer questions about the past, present and future with marvelous accuracy right on your finger. That does sound like google or any other search engine, don’t you think? Except, in this case, we are talking about a magical board game by the name Ouija.

You can replicate lots of creative designs of this spine-chilling board game right on your nails. I bet everyone at the Halloween party are going to want to ask some questions.

Candy Corn Nail Art

This may not be anywhere close to terrifying, but I think it is dangerously gorgeous. You might easily get people to think they are real candy for a second or two.

What’s even more interesting is that it exists in varying shades of orange, pink, black or whatever color combination you desire.

Half Moons Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

One Halloween nail art design you might find really creative is the simple half-moon manicure that would go with almost any costume. It’s cute and creepy and cute at the same time. This Halloween nail art design will also look cute for the start of November.

Glow in the Dark Nail Art

Looking for cute and creepy at the same time? This glow in the dark Halloween nail art is perfect for the fall season. It takes about 30-45 minutes for the glow to fade. You can always reactivate by holding it steady to light for some seconds. It is one attractive way to make a statement this Halloween.

Golden Pumpkins Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Having golden pumpkins painted on your nails is one way to get the autumn chills this Halloween. You can pair this design with dark red and a creepy sister costume.

These Halloween nail art ideas are perfect fits for whatever type of costumes. They are a subtle way of making a statement about your creativity this fall. It’s never too late to start planning for Halloween. It is another occasion for you to engage your community and express your creativity by taking advantage of the abundant Halloween costume ideas out there.

What’s more, is that they are DIY Halloween nail arts compiled for your inspiration and they come at very low costs.

halloween nail art ideas

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