How To Clean Nail Art Brushes In 2 Simple Ways.

How to clean nail art brushes the easy way. If you are a regular user of nail art products you would agree the nail art brushes are the most commonly used item in the kit if you own one (you should). 

Because they are more commonly used, it is easy to get particles from your nails and nail polish all over them after use. 

Most of the time we forget about washing our nail brushes and even when we remember, we just dip them in a nail polish remover and that’s it.

What’s wrong with that you ask? Many of us at some point have attempted to rinse our nail art brushes in water or even in alcohol. Well, how did that turn out for you?

What you get are spiky, stiff and unusable nail brushes when you do not clean your nail art brushes properly. And if you do this consistently, you may find yourself buying nail brushes every time you need to do self-manicure.

how to clean nail art brushes

This could add to your frustration the next time you want to do a manicure or create some nail art designs. 

I thought these things are self-explanatory and I will not have to do this

But you would be shocked by the number of requests that I get to write on cleaning the nail art brushes properly. 

You may have noticed that your brushes get hard and stiff after the first wash and you are unable to use them afterwards. 

Today, I am going to teach you how you can remedy that and get your nail brushes ready for the next use. 

Cleaning your nail brushes does not require any expertise. Some experimenting should have revealed how not to clean them by now if you have been paying attention.  

People have acquired really funny skills in this period since there isn’t much to do around the house anymore in any way.

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How To Clean Nail Art Brushes Effectively

how to clean nail art brushes

Note that it is important to clean your nail art brush immediately after use. You shouldn’t wait until the next time you want to do a manicure before you wash them. Doing this ensures you can easily remove the polish and particles from the bristles.

Usually, nail art brushes come in sets of varying sizes. This makes it very easy to find the perfect fit for your nails and they are all serving the same purpose. 

If you don’t have a nail art kit, you should go get one like right now. They do not cost very much and they make it very easy to DIY manicure and nail art designs. 

If you have ever tried cleaning your nail brushes up after use, you might notice that the tips appear spiky and you may find all the strands sticking out separately. 

Well, that majorly owes to the fact that you tried the easy way – cleaning with a nail polish remover that has a lot of chemical in it; or one that has alcohol in it.

Without wasting our time, let’s get started on how to properly clean your nail brushes after use.

First Method 

how to clean nail art brushes

To get started, you can use a cotton pad and a mild nail polish remover. It is preferred to use pure acetone remover because it doesn’t drive the bristles out. 

Any other nail polish remover will dry out the brushes and cause them to stiffen. It is even worse when you use alcohol or water.

how to clean nail art brushes

Next, wipe the bristles out in the cotton pad until all the polish is gone. You could take your time while doing this and straighten the nail brushes at the same time they don’t fan out. 

This is a much more effective way of cleaning your nail art brushes than just swirling around in a cupful of acetone. 

That ensures you do not break the glue bond between the bristles and the wooden handle. 

The brushes will get stiff as they dry up. You can prevent this from happening by swirling the brush in cold water. 

how to clean nail art brushes

Press the brush repeatedly against the walls of the container where you have the water. That way, the polish from every strand is removed completely at the same time.

The last step here is to reshape the brush with your fingers and straighten it so it dries quickly. You can lay it down to dry afterwards. There you go, your nail art brushes are ready for the next use. 

Second Method

Take a dry white piece of cotton and squeeze your nail art brushes through it one after the other. 

Use any other material that has no dirt in it in case you cannot get a good cotton piece.

You can straighten them while you do that. Yes, it is that easy. It might appear you have a little bit of polish left on it so just turn your dry white to the other side and squeeze your brushes through it one more time to give it a final cleaning. 

To add a little bit of tip here – you should keep your colour brushes and your glitter brushes separate. It is better not to use the same nail art brush for a different kind of painting. 

You don’t want to use a chemical-based cleaner or alcohol to clean your nail brushes. That will only dry the roses out and you will end up with funny nail art brushes.

You might want to get tempted to take the easy bailout – which is to use a chemical-based polish remover, but I can guarantee you will have to by a new set of nail art brushes every other month.

Overall, your nail brushes are essential tools for your manicure and nail art designs. They tend to last much longer when you take proper care of them. 

How should I take care of my nail art brushes so they last? – Style …