How To Prep Nails For Polygel

Polygel nails are a lot of fun, but they can be a little difficult to get used to especially learning how to prep nails for polygel. To get the best results from your nail application, you need to have a good base layer, good prep work, and a little patience. Here are a few simple things you can do to get the best application out of your nails.

Polygel is an alternative to shellac, gel nails, acrylics and gels

A quick-drying, water-based solution is made to cover ridges left by plastic nail tips or natural nails. Simply apply the Polygel polish over the ridges and use the provided brush to smooth the product to the desired shape. The Polygel will dry within five minutes and will harden within three hours.

The polish also has a UV finish, so it will stay glossy and last longer than other nail products. Apply your favorite nail polish color to the Polygel or give it a glitter finish for added appeal! If you are looking for an alternative to plastic nails, acrylics, gel nails or gels, try Polygel!

It does not really break down when you apply it to your nails, but if you want to remove it, it takes a lot of polish remover and scrubbing to get it off! Polygel does take a while to set, but once it does, your nails will be durable. You can peel off the gel without any damage to your natural nails. If you are looking for something that looks like acrylics but feels like nothing, polygel is the best choice for you.

It is an option for both professional and amateur manicure buffs. It is ideal for use on natural nails and artificial nails. The clear color is also ideal for matching any look. Polygel is flexible and durable, so it will hold up well against both natural and artificial forces.

What you need to do to prep your nails for polygel.

So, you are getting ready to get your nails done and you have never had them done before? You don’t know what to expect and the thought of getting them done stresses you out? Well, we are here to help! Before you head off to the nail salon to get your nails done, you need to prep.

  • To do this, first start by washing your hands
  • Then gently push back, and cut the cuticles.
  • Then, soak them in a bowl of warm water and dry them.
  • Next, apply the nail polish remover to your nails and use a cotton ball to remove all traces of nail polish and dirt from your nails.
  • After this, apply the base coat to the nails and let it dry.
  • Then, apply the color and finish it off with the top coat.

 Enjoy your gorgeous nails!

How to apply polygel to your nails.

Polygel is a liquid to powder formula that can be used to make nails stronger. Its liquid form is used to create a liquid sealer. The liquid sealer is used to create a liquid bond with natural nails to strengthen them. The liquid sealer is to be placed over the natural nail. Then there is a liquid powder that is to be placed over the liquid sealer. The liquid powder causes the liquid sealer/liquid bond to turn into polygel (powder). This can be used to add texture and strengthen natural nails even more!

  • The first step to applying polygel is to gather the supplies you need.
  • Then, soak your nails in water for about 10 minutes or so.
  • Next, you must paint your nails with the first coat.
  • Wait for it to completely dry before adding the second coat. If you do not, your nails will become sticky.
  • The final step is to apply the polygel to your nails using the glue cap to cover your nails.
  • Try not to use too much or it will be ruined.

A list of the supplies you will need for this project includes polygel, nail polish remover, a nail brush, a glue cap, and a bowl.

How to cure polygel

You can use the UV nail dryer to ensure that your polygel nails are dry and you are ready to move. This is very important in order not to smear residue of the gel on your clothes or other items around

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