How To Remove Polygel Nails at Home-Stop Wasting Time and Get It Done Quick

This article is going to teach you guys how to remove polygel nails at home. I get a lot of questions about this and I’ve done videos before, but I guess some are not just getting it. So, these are my green polygel nails. I did these nails using the green polygel kit for brevityshop.

How to Remove Polygel Nails

My nails grow slow, so I could have definitely kept these on longer If I wanted to, but I am bored with my nails, so I have to take these off. So that is what I’m going to show you guys today. So first, I start with using my large nippers and I clip off the length now because my nails are longer they are thicker, so it does take some strength girl. Nevertheless, yes, I go ahead and clip off all of these nails.

 Oh, my God, I am just showing how weak I am. I have no hand strength all right so once I get all of the length clipped off, I am just going to take my e file and this Kiara sky five and one coarse bit, and I’m just going to use that to take down as much of the product. As I can now, you can definitely do this with a hand file if you want to, but since my nails are longer they are thicker – and this is just easier for me to do it this way.

But yes, I use my e-file to take down as much of the product as I feel comfortable. So some of you guys may think I am a pro, but I am still a novice when it comes to an e-file. So I do not have confidence in myself to file all the way down to my natural nail, so I just go down as far as I feel comfortable and I get questions about the nail dust collector I use this is from brevitsyhop it’s their nail dust extractor and polymer create a lot of dust. I mean all nails do, but polymer creates a lot of dust.

remove polygel nails at home
remove polygel nails at home

How to Remove Polygel Nails With Acetone

So it is definitely something to get even if it’s not this one like get some type of nail dust collector. So this is after getting the product filed down as thinly as possible, and now I’m just going to take my cotton pads. I use these for my face. I am going to go ahead and cut them in half and then I’m going to take a piece of aluminum foil and tear it into five pieces. Next, I am going to take 100 acetone nail polish remover and I’m just going to soak the cotton pads with the acetone, making sure that it covers my entire nail and I’m going to wrap that up in the foil.

I know there are many people that do like the nail clips and all that. Nevertheless, this is just my preferred method. I do not have to deal with all those clips and for me, the nail clips do not really keep the cotton pad as moist as long as the foil does. That is just for me. This is what works for me. You know I am showing all how  I take off my nails, but you know you can do whatever works for you, but this is what works for me. So I just go ahead and wrap up all of my nails. I have them all wrapped up and I go ahead and let this sit for about 45 minutes. Polygel takes forever to soften up so yeah. It’s a waiting game.

After about 45 minutes, I am just going to check on it and carefully unwrap my nails, because I do not want to rip this foil because I know I am probably going to have to re-wrap it. So we do not waste any foil over here. So I’m just scraping off the rest of the polymer residue and it comes off really easy so that the nail came off with no problem moving on to the next nail.

remove polygel nails at home

Before and After Picture of Polygel Nails Removal

Remove Gel Polish from Polygel Nails

It kind of flakes off like candle wax, so you somewhat just have to work it off. I know sometimes it looks like I am really tugging on it, but I’m really just flicking off the pieces that are already soft. So I do what I can and then I’m just going to put some more acetone on the pad and wrap the nail back up because it needs some more time to soak. This is what I was talking about as far as polygel. It is easy to work with, but it takes forever to get this stuff off. I go ahead and wrap that backup and let that soak and then I check on the rest of the fingers.

So I went ahead and filed it down just a tiny bit more and then put some more acetone on my cotton pad and then wrapped the nail back up and then I did this process for all the other nails so swinging back over to the middle finger. It seems to be a little softer now. When I do wrap up the nails, I let them soak for like an additional 20 minutes. Like oh, my god like this is just so time consuming like poly gel is not the easiest to get off. Eventually I get all the polygel off of this Nail and I just use my hand file to file off any of the residue. In addition, I repeat that for all of the nails it took forever, it probably took me about an hour and a half to get all of this polygel off

remove polygel nails at home

So after getting all of the polygel off, I am just going to go ahead and wipe off the dust, and I’m going in with the mia secret natural cuticle treatment. Just because I deal with a lot of acetone, I just want to put some cuticle oil and some nourishment back into my skin, because everything is just dry, so I am very generous with the cuticle oil. I put it all over rub it in. I also put some on the underside of my nails, because you know everything was just dry girl, so after just letting that absorb into my skin.

That is how I remove polygel nails at home without any damage, and I use the same process for all my nail extensions. Acrylic is so much easier to take off. That is why it is my favorite medium to work with, but anyway I use this same process to take off acrylic nails, dip powder, nails, poly gel whatever it always works for me, and that is how I get my nail extensions off without any damage.

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