5 DIY Nail Art Compilation for Amateurs-Anyone Can Do It

This nail art compilation will particularly ignite your passion. Covid-19 has affected our lifestyle and routines in numerous ways. I can only hope we still keep to our personal hygiene and activities around mental wholesomeness.

While we cannot phantom exactly how much has changed at this time yet, we can still decide to put all the break to good use.

With all that is happening around today, we all agree it costs nothing to learn essentials involving fixing our own hair in a dazzling manner, polishing our nails; adorning our fingernails or toenails in amazing nail designs.

If you have decided to learn the basics of DIY nail art, I can teach the rudiments; the nitty-gritty of nail painting, and designing. Let’s see just how curious and interested you are… read till the end. I will teach you how you can get this done quickly in 6 ways.

We are not going to dive deeper into the complexities, only the basics. I suppose you have spent valuable hours browsing numerous nail art designs – puzzled by their seeming complexities and pondering on how you can come up with yours.

You can create your own unique style aby igniting and exploring your creativity to recreate beautiful nail arts. This nail art compilation will ignite passion and creativity inside you to recreate adorable nail designs.

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Easy Nail Art Compilation for Complete Beginners

I know you are excited about going to the beauty parlors again to get new jaw dropping nail arts, since nail galleries and shops all over are resuming services.

But it still wouldn’t hurt and you would most definitely save some bucks if you learned simple nail art designs by yourself. The art of nail designing has grown into a creative artwork; you can design, enhance and adorn your fingernails and toenails after a beauty treatment.

There are breath-taking designs you can create with your nails — glittering gold designs — colorful skylines and even images of your favorite animals or objects.

But since Covid-19, with salons and nail shops closed, let us stick to the essential designs that can be recreated right in our houses. So, let us begin with the 5 effortless nail art compilation for amateurs.

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Holographic Pigment

nail art compilation
nail art compilation

This design is pretty and easy. To get started, apply two coats of sheer pinkie base to your nail and leave it to dry a little while, about 5-7 minutes should do. This is because we will be adding another layer to create a holographic pigment special effect.

What is great about this is you don’t need a gel topcoat to create this special effect. You can use an ordinary powder and rub it in on your fingers smoothly. You want your painting to be tacky but not wet so try not to smear it by rubbing it too deeply.

To get the holographic special effect to stick on regular polish, you will need to seal it with a water-based topcoat. You can use a water-based base coat that you can peel. Pretty simple, right?

nail art compilation
nail art compilation

French Manicure and Chevron

This is an adorable mix between a French manicure and a chevron design. To create this design, add a coat of opaque gold nail polish. When it’s dry, add another thin coat of glitter nail polish over top.

This is great if you don’t want your design to be too chunking glitter and you don’t want to do the sponge technique. Applying a similar metallic color first to give it a really cool base and to make the glitter pop.

Next use a black stripping polish to paint the corner of your nails in a V -shape. Be careful to fill the tip completely. Smooth out the glitter on the surface with a generous layer of top coat to finish off.

Beautiful Gold Flowers

For this design, add a light blue nail polish as the base color. Next, dip the dotting tool into a white nail polish and create a small petal with the dotting tool. You can do about three or four of these petals, depending on how large your fingernails are.

To finish off this design, add a dot of gold polish to the center of each flower. You can add a little bit of water base coat so that it sticks.

Abstract and Super Minimal

This nail art design is so beautiful with any black. To begin, add a dark slate base polish to your nails and let it dry.

Then dip a detail nail art brush into glitter gold polish and paint little dashes all over your nails. You may follow a polka dot pattern if you like, the idea is to make it look abstract and artistic. Then add a matte top coat to enhance the color and the texture of the gold polish.


For this design, you will need a bubble-gum nail pink polish and paint your nail halfway through with it. The idea is to have a partly painted nail, which is becoming quite trendy lately. You can interchange the direction of the color on your nails to make it look really creative and adorable. Then dip your brush into the black stripping nail polish or just black nail polish on a liner and create some lines on top of the color block. Use a topcoat to smoothen the colors out and to get a perfectly creative nail art design.

Cute Dotted Flower Design

This nail art design is made with a bobby pin. It is a really good substitute for a dotty tool. You will be making a daisies flower.

nail art compilation

First, paint your nail base in a light sky-blue polish then dip it into a white polish to make the petals.

Create five dots around in a circle for the flowers, then add a few more. Dip the bobby pin in shimmery metallic gold polish and add dots to the middle of the flowers.

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nail art compilation
nail art compilation

nail art compilation

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