Nail Art Mayfield Ky? You Will Be Shocked!

Today I am going to be showing the trendy nail art Mayfield Ky, so you guys have probably seen Sean Legend’s work. He is amazing anyways. I think he came up with this kind of swirl design, so we are going to use this kind of new design trend for a nail design today. The colors I am going to use;  porcelain powder from brevityshop. I think that might be a good white kind of off-white color. Not completely white, but kind of like a cloudy white, and then I think I am going to use this metallic gold buttercream. I am going to use berry, berry pie by brevityshop very pretty, and then also this one called honey peach is just like a nice nude. That goes with everything. So, I thought these three would go well together and we can do some trendy nails.

Let us get started: okay, the tips I am going to use in this set are the square matte finish tips from brevityshop. I have not used these yet, so I decided to grab a pack for myself and give them a try. I thought they would be the perfect length for this design. So that is what we are going to use, and I am just going to glue these on quickly. So, the reason I like these tips – they are thin, they are thin and flexible, and they are like flexible, so they are going to be great for pinching and they already have a nice c-curve. But you could pinch these even more. If you wanted to okay, I really like these tips. You do not really need to shape these much if you want to pinch them a little bit just pinch in the sides right now before you apply, I am going to pinch what I am applying to, though so yeah that is what they look like really like these.

Nail Art Mayfield Ky
Nail Art Mayfield Ky

I have tried to clean my brush, but I seem to not be able to get all the glitter out of it. So, you can see I added some of that. I need more at the very tip and I am just using the belly of my brush to spread and then I am wiping away and then I am going to clean off my brush and then pull this up. Basically just applying my color right now; I am not really trying to build this up. Yet I really like this color so, as I said, I am not building this up, so I am just going to try to get around the cuticle area nicely. So, I am placing that down away from the cuticle area, I am cleaning off my brush and I am bending my finger downward. So, my brush has that kind of flat point at the tip there and I am just going to push this close to the cuticle area without overlapping the skin. Then I am just fading the rest of it down the nail okay. So, it does not matter if you have not got this fully on, I am just going to bring my light forward, so I can see a little better.

Actually: okay, I am going to use the porcelain powder. So, this is a core powder. You can just build the whole nail with this because it is a core powder, so you do not need to encapsulate or anything, so I will probably do that. Sometimes I do like to just build my apex with my glass slippers, but we will see how it goes. This is what it looks like it is kind of off-white. I think, like a soft white kind of I am going to be using my glitter bells, hema free monomer, for this design, I am just picking up a bigger kind of bead and I am draining it, and I am just going to do this on the tip first. And if I get any glitter in this, it is because my brush had glitter in it. It is not really going to matter, though, because when I am finished, I am adding those lines on the nail and I will cover up any mistakes I made with the swirls or I will just build this up enough to get rid of all the glitter.

What matters is not overlapping the skin getting product everywhere, So I am just filling in what I missed on the sides. Okay, so I am going to build this up a little bit because it is kind of flat, this color is nice. You guys probably will not be able to see, but it has like the smallest amount of blue shimmer in it. SEE BELOW:

It is like very, exceptionally light, and hard to see, but it is pretty I am just going to add more. I feel like I do not have enough on the very tip spreading that around I am just kind of pulling that down. I am really annoyed with this glitter, but I am going to file. Anything that is like there’s glitter right there, I am going to file that off and we are going to pinch these. So, I am just going to leave this. While I work on the next nail I will come back and pinch okay, so let us do that again on this nail me I like to do the very tip.

First, that is just my way, you can start at the cuticle area if you prefer. This is just how I like to do nails. I like to get my tip done before anything else if the nails are long. If the nails are short, then that kind of changes, depending on the length of the nails or the shape of the nails? Okay, so once I got that down, we can work on the cuticle area, like I said, bend the finger downward that will just help with gravity, so it does not pull into your sidewalls or your cuticle area. Cleaning off my brush using the tip of my brush to Push this up towards the cuticle area, I just let the rest of it stay where it is.

I am not worried about that. I am just worried about the cuticle area to start the glitter, so I am just going to leave that for a sec. Okay, I need a little bit more product right at the tip. Here I do not normally wear square nails. I always do like tapered coffin and stiletto, so the shape’s kind of throwing me off just because I never do it. It has been like years and years and years since I have worn a square shape. Okay, so now I am doing an apex building this up right where the apex needs to be, and I am just blending this down.

Let us check this now we are going to pinch these with some pinching tools, so I am just going to stick that on, so you know it is dry. When it is matte like this, it is not dry. It’s dry enough that you can pinch it. You do not want it to be rock hard or you will not get any pinching in, but if it is too soft, you will smush the sides to do that, you want to test with your fingers first to see like is it moving? Is it smooshable and then you can add your pinching tool on. Just kind of brings that sidewall in which makes the whole nail look a little slimmer still square, but it just tapers it a bit. So, it is not flared out and when you taper it more, you get a deeper c curve, and the c curve is what you need for strength. Your apex and your c curve are important. So, I would not go moving on to this nail yet I would be pinching this nail until I am ready to go ahead and pinch the second nail then after these two are pinched, I will move to the next one.

I do not know I am just paranoid, you do not want to miss pinching one of the nails you kind of ruin the look, so you want to. But if I were doing a client it would be a little different just because I am doing my own nails when I am doing a client, I am a little bit faster. So, this one’s kind of ready to be pinched so again, you are just going to put that pinching tool on and leave it and we will work on the other nails when this one is dry enough. Okay, so when I file them, they will be a little bit more squared out.

Nails Art Mayfield Ky

So, we can do the rest now exact same way and then pinching as we go along. So I did apply a little bit sloppy on that. Last nail: no excuses, but it is snowing here where I am in Mayfield. So, if your acrylic is cold, if you are working in a colder environment, it will be runnier, so yeah, I have the heat on, but this room, my nail studio is in is not insulated. Super cold anyways. I also try to work fast because nothing is worse than missing the pinch on a middle finger because your middle finger is wider, so just shows if you miss that pinch, so I am going to go in and pinch. I do not want to miss this pinch see my room is still pretty uh cool, so I am I like squished it slightly.

Nail Art Design

You cannot really see it in my camera, but so it is not fully ready yet to be pinched. So, I am just to wait, and I do not want to miss it, so I am not going to work on my pinky because I do not want to miss this pinch. I’d rather squish the sidewalls and must fix that than miss this pinch, so you can see right. But we can always fix that later or cover it with our gel polish. So, you do not have to worry about the little mistakes like that, because there is always ways to fix it: okay, so this one is ready to be pinched, I am just leaving the other pinching tool on you saw that I was squeezing it with my fingers for a little bit. Just to double-check to make sure and slightly pinch it and then I am just going to leave these tools on and then when these are dry. I will work on my pinky.

I love this color. Isn’t it so pretty it is just like not bright white, and I do not know if you guys will be able to see the sparkles in it? But it has got like tiny shimmery blue glitter in it, so you can see how much better they look after they have been pinched. I hope you guys can see compared to what they were um yeah and uh. This one looks a little longer than the rest of them. So, I am going to fix this hole up with filing we will shorten them a little bit, not much but just like so they are, all even really square them out, and yeah. Let us get into finish filing okay.

So, I am just debulking a little bit and you want to use the rounded tips around the cuticle area because they do not hurt, they cannot cut. So, it is just a little safer okay, so I am going to use my metal file board. This is one I have used on myself, so I have not changed it, but normally you would use a new one for each client, but this one is still good to use. So, I am just going to file my side walls I like to go underneath and bring my sidewalls up. So, underneath and up and then I am going to hold the nail in place and go up and down at the tip and then I will just shorten the tip and make it really squared out.

I got ink on my hands. Sorry ignore that I am just carefully going around the cuticle area, but this file has been scored. So, if you guys know what scoring it is, maybe you do not so I will show you are going to take another file and you are going to go along it like this, and that just makes it. So, it is not sharp. You even want to do that for the refills, the metal file, refills, and stuff just in case, and then I am just going to file this whole nail, try to even it out you are going to want to look at it from all different angles to see.

But I am using a light hand like I am not like aggressively filing this. Now I like to go up and down like this here like this, just to make that even as well holding the nail to file up and down and that’s what it looks like so far, I’m just going to file the other nails the exact same way. When I am done filing, I like to look back at all my nails and see if there’s anything like sticking out to me, that needs to be refined a little bit more. It is almost liked a rough file to start, so around the cuticle area underneath and then up and then around and then straight at the tip, I am going to hold this finger while I file this is a little hard up and down.

Nail Art Mayfield Ky

This is how they look I am going to be using just an e-file to debulk around the cuticle area. I do a lot of my filing by hand, but I like to apply my acrylic so that I have minimal finish filing to do. Well, if you file into the nail like I just did there that is going to be okay because we are doing that gel design, so you are going to want to be really light with this. I feel like it is too aggressive, I am going to switch to something like this yeah, that is a little better. You really do not want to put a lot of pressure down and you just want to debulk lightly because, as I said, if you apply carefully, you will not need a lot of finish filing just more refining.

I love a good dusty shot, so here is how they look so far like I said, I am going to look at them and see if there is anything that I need to refine a little bit. My middle finger is not even that wide, but I always find that I hate my middle finger out of all the nails. Okay, at this point, I am going to take my glitter belt buffing block. Now I am just going to buff these nails a little bit, which will get rid of any kind of deep scratches which will show with your topcoat. So, you do not want to buff too much just a little bit, especially around the cuticle area. Okay. So, I am just going to brush off the dust: oh yeah, I am cleansing the nails um with a little lint-free wipe and some alcohol trying to get all that dust off, especially under the nail and around the cuticle area. I really like this shape, which is funny because I have not won it in years

Nail Art in ayfield Ky

So, I am going to use this adorable benny palette that Kelsey from Kelsey’s claws made me, and I am just going to put my gel polish onto that. Just make it easier so, like I said, I am using honey peach and I am going to be using berry pie, berry pie from brevityshop and then the gold metallic buttercream from light elegance

I just feel like this is such an easy gold to use. So that is why I am going to use that and the brush I am going to use is the glitter bells extra-long striping brush. So, I think it is a 20 millimeter or something 22 millimeters anyways. I like this brush for gel stripes and stuff okay, so I am just going to go down and across with one stripe, we will make some of it thicker than other parts. But first I want to put that down and then we will thicken it up at the cuticle area. And then you want to thicken up the bottom.

nail art mayfield ky

So basically, you can just do whatever you want with this. It is kind of fun, I am just kind of going to do whatever. Once I get the stripe down, I am happy with it I will give it a flash gear, so I do not accidentally bump it. So that is what that looks like going to give that a flash here so that one is down, so let us go in with the honey peach. Now and again, I am just going to do a line. Next to that and then we can thicken it up. So, because this is a gel polish, I might need to do two coats of this color we will see, whereas the paint like the buttercream is thick. So, you just can do the one line, I am going to clear that, and I am cleaning off my brush in between now we are going to go in with berry pie. You also cure it so that you can wipe any mistakes away.

So, if you make any mistakes, you can just wipe it without ruining the entire design. Pretty that looks cool okay, so I am going to cure that. I am going to go over that a little bit more. So, you want to make sure that your brush does not have that big ball on the end unless you want a thick spot. So, I just wipe my brush onto my palette to remove some product, so I am just adding a little bit more of that red, not going all the way to the cuticle area. If you see anything that you think is a mistake: just take a brush and some alcohol and wipe it.

So, I just did not like how thick it was in that one spot and since it is dry on the other gel, I can wipe that without worrying about smudging anything. Now, let us go back over what I wiped off. Okay, that is so freaking cute. Okay. So, I am going to do the other ones quickly. I just want to tell you if you are a nail client that took me 11 minutes to do that. One design on that one now, but if you try to do them all together, so put the gold down and cure it then do the honey page and cure it, it might be faster. So, I am going to record that and see how fast it takes me. I will have it to speed up for you guys, but then we can see all together how much this art would take a nail tech to do.

Depends on the nail attack how long the nails are, what brushes and tools you are using, but let us just see how fast this took me to do the rest of them. Let us get started. I see it all in technical. Okay, so that took exactly 19 minutes to do the other four. So, 11 minutes to just do one and 19 minutes to do four at a time doing each color at the same time, on each nail kind of a different design. I really like the way this turned out. This is not my normal style. I normally just love doing colored acrylic designs, but I really like this okay, so I am going to see what this looks like matte. I am going to be using my luminary nail systems in a power matte topcoat. I will just cure the thumb and see what that looks like okay, I am just going to matte, the other ones up, and if I want to do shiny on the actual design, then I will do that.

But let us see what the whole design looks like Matte, I should have done the matte topcoat down first then drew the design if I wanted to do it that way, I was not sure, but then you could do the shiny directly. On top of your already done design, you would not have to do this extra step, but that is fine. So, if you guys decide, you would like to do just the gel polish shiny. Do your no wipe topcoat like you would have to hand paint it on with the small brush just on top of that design. Okay, that looks cool, I am not sure. Should I do like the lines shiny, I feel like. I never do matte nails some like full matte nails. So maybe I should just leave them, as I do not know? Okay, I just quickly went over this thumbnail with this small brush and some topcoat on just that, and I love that, so I am going to do that on all of them.

So, what I did was, I took my wipe topcoat, and I am just sticking it on the corner of my palette here and I am just using this other glitter bells like gel brush, it is smaller and thicker, and I feel like it is the perfect size to do that, so you are just going to go over the top of just the design. You know. I was not sure if I was going to do that shiny or a mix.

Okay, so that is how they look when they are all done. I added some cuticle oil and some rings, and this is the finished design of the trendy nail design, which is inspired by Sean legend. What do you guys think I find these are a lot different than what I normally do, but I really like them. I think they are cool, so if you guys have any cool ideas like this, if you guys want me to follow other trends, please let me know down below so I can do that um. What else do you guys want to see?

nail art mayfield ky

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