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I have been asked lots of questions about what nail care and beauty products I use in my hand and nail care, from which nail polish remover I use, the best nail file, recommendations for hand cream and so many other things I figured I’d share with you a few of my favorite products that I rely on.

Beautiful Nails and Skin Care

First up are my favorite top-coats.  Top-coats are essential to me to protect the polish and nail art below them.

I love super shiny topcoats and have found 17′s Double Gloss Top Coat to give a really good, hi-shine finish.  It is pretty good value for money (£3.99 from Boots ), however, out of all the top-coats I have tried this is one of the slowest dryings.  That said, it is hard-wearing and doesn’t seem to flake away from the polish underneath it very easily.

Next up is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top-Coat which bonds all the coats of polish together into one layer making the polish and top-coat a single layer.  This only works if the polish it is applied to is touch dry otherwise it has a tendency to shrink away from the nail edges.  It dries super fast and gives a shiny finish.  This topcoat gave the longest wear to my polish.  This top-coat can err on the expensive side, costing £9.00 (from Boots) but I tend to make multi purchases of it when it is on 3 for 2 or on other multi-buy offers.

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I have decided to include a matte topcoat as I really love a matte finish to my polish.  Rimmel London Lycra Pro Matte Finish top-coat is one of my all-time favorites (this cost me around £4.59, and hunting around online, it looks like it might have been discontinued :’( )  With this matte top-coat a little goes a long way so the bottle will last for ages.  It dries quickly, and unlike other matte top-coats, the matte effect seems to last for quite a while, I’d say that without doing a re-coat, the matte effect will easily last 4 days before starting to disappear on the tip of the nail and becoming shiny.  I was impressed with the speed in which the top-coat dried and you can see where the drying is taking place as the matte effect starts to show in those areas.

Beauty Nail Care Tools and Equipment

I tend to use any nail polish remover to take the polish off of my nails but since trying Leighton Denny’s Remove and Go remover I have not even glanced at any other removers.  This polish remover is brilliant, you open the tub and insert your finger into the sponge, wiggle it around a bit, and then remove and all of the polish has been removed.  It even works on glitter and metallic polishes really quickly!  The other thing that impressed me is the smell, most polish removers smell really chemical and harsh but this one leaves a pleasant smell on your nails.  You can buy this product for £5.50 at Marks and Spencer

I swear by Leighton Denny Illuminating Hand Cream to keep my hands moisturized.  It acts to conceal imperfections and illuminate the skin as well as moisturize.  I don’t like a lot of hand creams as they seem to leave a greasy film on my hands and make them feel dirty but this one sinks into the skin really nicely, leaving a scent that is similar to lavender.  (Try QVC for this product)

I love Leighton Denny’s Slick Tips Nail and Cuticle Oil and own about 7 bottles which I keep on my desk in work, in my bag, beside the bed, in the living room and other places where I can see it and remember to use it!  For someone who wears acrylic nails, moisturizing the cuticle area is a must as it can help to prevent lifting of the enhancement and prevent cuticles from drying out and cracking or peeling.  I love the fragrance of this product too, its quite citrus and smells like lemons.  Its a bit pricey at £11 for a bottle (from Leighton Denny’s website) but a little goes a long way and, for me it is as much a luxury as an essential, and it works!

I also use Leighton Denny’s Crystal Finish topcoat, which dries fast and gives nail polish a really high shine whilst protecting the nail polish or nail art underneath it for a good amount of time.  This can be bought on Leighton Denny’s website for £11, which may be a bit costly, but it is a thin top-coat, less thick than Seche Vite, and only one coat is needed so a bottle will last for a long time.

And, finally, my favorite nail file is the range from Leighton Denny – the Crystal File , I have this in 2 sizes, the large which is £15.50 and the small (which comes in an aluminium travel case) £12.50.  These are hard wearing enough to use to shape my acrylic nails and don’t clog up or blunt like traditional nail files.  They can be easily sanitized and cleaned, either with spray sanitizer and wiped over, or with soapy, hot water.

****ALL nail care and beauty products have been purchased by myself and the opinions on these products are all my own.  I am not receiving any monies for writing these reviews****

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