New Professional Acrylic Powder Nail Art Starter Kit

4 Basic Steps to Get Started With The New Professional Acrylic Powder Nail Art Starter Kit

The new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit absolutely rocks. Do you ever think of doing your nails by yourself? Of course, you have. The beauty of having adorable and admirable nails is the feeling that comes with doing it by yourself.

So, you have all of these amazing designs in your head and you think it might be pretty cool to explore your inventive side with your nails. Well, I think that’s just great too.

Well, getting these incredible designs out of your head may not be much of a challenge with the right tools to do a complete set of nails.

Acrylic nails are still by far the most popular nail art for many reasons. They are an alternative nail art that provide some protection for your nails, reduce the damages that could be done to them, and even ensure that you are able to grow your nails to a desired length without any repercussions.

The professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit has all the essentials to ensure you have a quick start as a beginner. This pack holds all the essential items. – the glitters, the gel, the color paints, thin brush and many more.

The glitter comes in various colors – gold, silver, purple, French white…and all the basic acrylic colors which you will find really useful. The colors come in different varieties and shades so you can choose anyone you finally go with.

If you are trying acrylic nails by yourself for the first time, you will need this kit. The  professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit  also contains detailed instructions on how you can get started using each tool.

new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit

The presence of all these essential supplies in this starter kit ensures even the beginner can pull it off. It might require you to always practice to get good at it.

I would recommend you get this starter pack and not get the materials separately. What this kit offers you is better to control over how creative you want to get with your nails … and it saves you the time you spend on frequenting nail salons.

This professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit  also includes a 2-ounce bottle of monomer, hand sanitizers, nail clips, 2 in one cuticle nail pusher and some other manicure essentials. This acrylic powder nail art starter kit is pretty stuffed.

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Now it is time to let your acrylic nails dry. This may take about 12 minutes to complete. When this is done, you can begin to file your nails carefully to suit your desired length.

new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit

New Professional Acrylic Powder Nail Art Starter Kit

Many advantages come with learning to do your acrylic nails, though it might require some practice.

If you are a very busy person, you might not have long hours to spare at the salon. Having to wait to wait on long queues at the salon can be frustrating. Getting your own professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit is definitely worth considering.

Also, you get to cut back on your beauty budget with this kit.

These steps have been spelled out to aid the complete beginner and help get started with this nail art starter kit.

new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit

The First Steps

Wash off the materials from your old nail polish

The acrylic powder will only work better on fresh nail roots. Be mindful not to uproot your nails in the process.

new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit

There are many nail polish removers to aid you in this process of removal. You can souse your fingers in fresh water for some time to make this process easier.

You can try using effective nail clippers or scissors to cut your nails and keep them short. This way it is easy for the acrylic nail powder to be applied on the base of your organic nails.

Second Steps

Getting the acrylic powder to stick on the root of your organic nails will be your worry at this point. Try using a soft brush on your nails to make it less smooth.

Get your cuticles in line so they do not get in the way of your nail treatment. This allows the powder stick firmly to your nails.

You don’t want them slipping off while you are applying the rest of the layers. Use cuticle sticks to push your cuticles back and keep them from being infected or falling off.

All the dirt and moisture in your nails are removed by proper manicure. You can begin to apply the acrylic nail art powder by this time.

Third Steps

new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit

Ensuring your nails are properly cleaned and dry is important for these next steps. If there remains any remnant of your old nail polish remains at this point, you might still have a really difficult time getting the acrylics powder to stick. Nail primers can help you get beyond this point. Try not to use too much or you could harm your nails.

Moving on, ensure you use the right dimensions of nail tips. It is better if they fit firmly than loosely. Prepare the materials for your acrylics – add a little bit of the acrylic powder and the liquid into a bowl. Be sure the thin brush you use does not absorb too much of materials. You can hold the brush against the side of the bowl to get rid of the excess liquid.

Fourth Steps

In these final steps, you can then spread over the mixed acrylic content on your nails. You will need to apply to repeat this application process a couple of times to ensure the mixture is well applied to every angle of your nails in the right proportions.

After this process is completed, you can start painting your nails with whatever colors you desire. You can use the nail brush to smoothen the rough edges around your nails to give it a perfect look.

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new professional acrylic powder nail art starter kit