Self Manicure-5 Simple Steps to Do It Flawlessly

Have you thought of self manicure? What if I told you that you don’t have to frequent the salons anymore to get a flawless manicure?

You can save the cost of having to visit the salon regularly to get a manicure by just learning how to get it done at home. Yes, in the comfort of your home!

In 5 quick and easy steps, I will show you how you can do a flawless self-manicure right under your roof.

I never have to go to the salon to get a manicure or fix my nails. I do it all by myself. The chit chat with the girls and some time away from the house would probably be the reason you catch me in a nail salon. A lot of people have asked me how I do this. Some have asked that I make a video of myself during one of my self-manicure sessions.

I just thought – why do I have to spend a fortune to get a manicure. When I could just learn the process by myself and get it done right in the comfort of my house.

It is not possible for me to even begin to highlight some of the benefits that I enjoy from doing my manicure. Aside from the fact that doing my manicure saves me a lot of money, I also get to enjoy a quiet, reflective moment during those sessions.

You might be looking to cut back on spending for some time or just trying to avoid the salon for not so obvious reasons. Now might be just the perfect time to learn the art of self-manicure.

self manicure

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to learn the process of self-manicure, it is never too late to begin. I say this because I understand that the thought of sitting for a lengthy period, doing tryouts on self-manicure can be quite discouraging.

In 5 quick and easy steps, I am going to walk you through the entire procedure. I need your attention, the right attitude and some devoted time to practice.

Self-Manicure in 5 Simple Steps

These quick, simple steps are to guide you through the procedures of creating the perfect manicure all by yourself. I have been to the salon only a few times. If I can do better manicure by myself, so can you.

I am going to show you all the tools and products that I use to make sure I always get the best nail manicure. And to add a quick note – it takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete after you get enough practice.

You might also want to try out some adorable nail art designs after you must have learnt how to do a self-manicure.

The First Steps

After you must have removed the old polish from your nails, begin by adding an instant cuticle remover to your dry cuticles.

You should do all 10 fingers. By the time you get to the last one, the first one would be ready to be removed.

You can use a small wooden tool to remove the dry cuticles, but be careful so you do not damage your nails.

The Second Steps

After all the dry cuticles have been removed, go ahead and wash your hands thoroughly and make sure you dry it perfectly.

Take a thin nail art brush to clean up the cuticles more intensely. You can add some Vaseline to add a little bit of moisture to your cuticles.

Third Steps

The next step is to shape your nails by following the edge of your finger. Use the nail file and follow the straight lines around your nails.

Position the nail file slightly below your nail tip and straighten the edge. This will help when you are painting your nails. You come across a corner, so you can easily trace the painting and it doesn’t spread to your flesh.

File the top of your nails carefully. You can use the glass nail file so it’s easy for you to see through to your nails while you file.

Be sure to remove the dust particles around your nail edges and add a little more Vaseline to make your nail smoother.

self manicure
self manicure

The Fourth Steps

If you have been doing a pretty decent job up to this point, it is safe to add a neutral base coat to your nails. I would advise you to use a sticky base coat. Be careful not to apply too much so you don’t flood your nails.

You can add a preferred nail polish of your choice to your nails. It is preferable to use the traditional way of painting your nails so it is easy to swipe across your nails with the paintbrush.

Don’t worry if you have any excess polish on your nails. After you get done, read this tutorial on how to properly clean your cuticles.

The Fifth Steps

self manicure

You can add the coat again in case you made any mistakes or it doesn’t look very professional. You can add a third coat so that it gives your nails a perfect milky and amazing look.

After the third coat is dry, you can add an OPI drip-drying drops to the base of your nails slightly so that the oil gets over the entire nail. This helps to get your nail dry quickly.

So, you wait a little while for your nails to completely dry and you can wash them afterward. Just be careful not to use a hard washing tool so you don’t ruin your nails. So, there you go – you have just done a perfect nail manicure all by yourself.

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