8 Perfect Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs

The 100% absolutely amazing thanksgiving nail art design is here. Thanksgiving Day is one of the most celebrated national holidays in the United States. The fourth Thursday of every November is set apart for this highly recognized holiday. This year’s Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday, 28th.

It’s the holiday season, and while we must admit that a lot has happened this year, we should also look towards spending some time with our family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Covid – 19 has ravaged this year, no doubt, but what’s stopping us from enjoying the rest of the year. We sure still have a lot to be thankful for.

Perhaps Thanksgiving is catching you by surprise and you are a struck by how unprepared you are about your attire and makeup, do not worry. I am here to give you some breathtaking nail art ideas that are perfect Thanksgiving.

These Thanksgiving nail art designs will literally blow your mind! They are perfectly compiled to elevate your spirit this Holiday season, leaving you with an elegant and adorable fingernail.

 Whether you have decided to go on a family vacation, have some friends over for a great dinner or go on a visit to see extended family, these adorable nail art designs are perfect fits for every occasion.

Adorable Nail Art Designs for Thanksgiving

In quick, short steps, I will be showing you nail art designs that are perfect for Thanksgiving. These Thanksgiving nail designs are not just easy to create, but can be styled in various ways and worn repeatedly.

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Also, there are no special tools needed for these designs. You can easily create them by yourself with the basic manicure materials. You could use household items as substitutes, in case you do not have a manicure kit.

Fancy nail arts are just one of many ways to celebrate the holiday season – and when you don’t have to queue up or book an early appointment with your salon before you create these nails, it becomes even merrier.

Simple Retro Dots Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

To create this nail art design, begin by applying a base coat to protect your nails. You will need the pink, black and white polish to create this design.

Use the pink nail polish as the base color, then dip a bobby pin into black nail polish and add polka dots to the pink nails (add about 8-10 dots).

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Now dip the other side of the bobby pin into white nail polish and add white dots on the black ones (slightly to the side of the black dots).

Now you have a pretty retro dots nail design that’s perfect for any occasion this Thanksgiving and for the rest of the holiday season.

Plain Splatter Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

To create this design, you will need the white, blue and pink and yellow nail polish. Add a white nail polish to your nails as the base color.

Dip a straw into the pink nail polish and blow it slowly on your nails. Repeat the same process for the other nail colors to create a splatter effect.  

Leave it for some 10-12 minutes to dry and when this is done, clean up your nails around the side to get rid of excess polish.

thanksgiving nail art
thanksgiving nail art

Congratulations, you have just created a plain nail art design with the splatter effect.

Easy Stripping Tape Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

This is a DIY nail art design that’s created using the blue and silver nail polish. To begin, paint the silver polish onto some scotch tape and while it’s drying, apply the blue nail polish for the base color. Once the silver is dry, remove the painted area and cut thin strips of the tape.

Now apply the thin strips across your nails (however you want) to create the strip design and clip off any excess tape.

Adorable Heart Print Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

This nail art design is perfect for a great evening this Thanksgiving. Add the white nail polish as the base and use a toothpick to first create two small pink dots in a heart shape.

Then drag the polish to a point for the bottom of the heart and fill it in. you can go back to the shape and create another design if you want.

Easy Checkered Thanksgiving Nail Art Design

You will need a black and aqua nail polish to do create this design. With aqua as the base color, take two pieces of scotch tape and align with the corner so that they meet in the middle of the nail. Apply the black polish over the untapped area and remove the tape after its done.

Cute Colorful Marble

As the name implies, you will need a mix of white, green, purple, yellow and red nail polish. Use the white nail polish as the base color and dip the purple polish into a cup of water. Add some hairspray over it and stir once. Then dip your nail into the cup and clean up any excess before removing. Repeat this same process with the other colors so they begin to layer on the nail. Each color may react differently on the nail so try to make it look really cool.

Adorable Glitter Burst

You will need black and pink glitter to create this design. Add the black nail polish as the base color. Cut thin straps of scotch tape and place them on the nail in a burst form coming from the cuticle. Apply the glitter paint over the entire nail and remove the tapes right after. You can apply more glitter to cover up the open spaces on your nail and clean up the sides right after you are done.

Side Wave

You will need an aqua and purple nail polish to create this design. Like the rest of the nail art designs, cut out a curvy stripe from the scotch tape and place the tape on the nail. Apply the purple polish on to the nails and remove the tape right after. That was pretty easy, right?

thanksgiving nail art

Thanksgiving Nail Art

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