9 Best Youtube Nail Art Designs For Holiday Season

9 Best YouTube Nail Art Designs for Holiday Season

Is youtube nail art really a thing? Think about all of the pretty designs and cool arts that we do with our body; the beautiful tattoos and the jaw-dropping body arts…all these make me wonder, why then do we just bite our nails when we could get really creative with it?

The very best YouTube nail art designs for holiday season have only revealed that nail painting should not just be about the colors but the art… the creativity and expression of feelings, ideas and perceptions that cut across various cultures and racial diversities; which is really the true art.

Youtube Nail Art

Nail arts require some expertise, truth be told, but this lockdown periods have pushed people to realize skills and interests in things they never thought they liked pre-Covid. I mean, my old man has taken a special interest in cooking lately and this is one man who barely saw the walls of the kitchen before lockdown.

The holiday season is just around the corner and a lot of people will be looking to take some time off to spend time with family, go on a vacation, travel back home to their home town or even attend a holiday party.

Perhaps you have even made arrangements with your friends for a girls’ night. You will be hanging with your friends and there’s going to be some drinks, cool right? But with all of these activities planned out for the holiday season, it is so easy to forget about your nails.

With nail parlors closed for some time now, I bet you have had pretty great excuses for your overgrown nails. But with some help, I bet you can easily fix this in the comfort of your house.

There are a lot of nail art designs on YouTube, but with our list you don’t have to worry about which ones you would like or which ones are trending. We have put together 15 of the best YouTube nail art designs for holiday season

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The Best YouTube Nail Art Designs for Holiday Season

The next time you go out to get your nail fixed, take a snip at our best YouTube nail art designs and draw some inspiration. With these beautiful nail art designs, you can get fancy finger nails that will draw some attention to you during this holiday season.

What’s more interesting is that these nail art designs can be done right in your home, without having to visit a nail parlor. With just some paints and cotton buds, it is time to get creative.

With so many videos on nail art designs on YouTube, it is so easy for a beginner to be so overwhelmed that she feels defeated about recreating these designs on her own. But with the right tools, you can pull this off.

So, without wasting time, let’s get started on 9 of the best YouTube nail art designs for holiday season.

 Easy Glitter Ombre

 At first watch, this design might seem a little crazy and complicated. A second and third watch will reveal all that is needed are some glittering paints, a sponge and some plastering. It may take some trial to get the glitters to show, but you can always try with another nail. It is completely worth every trial for this holiday season, I assure you.

The Classic French Mani

This design is one of the best nail art designs you can find out there. It may appear difficult but it will add some elegance to your nails. You can never go wrong with a French manicure; so simple yet classy. It is one way to give your nails a creative bend. All it requires is some tape, brushes, color paints and a little bit of your time.

Chic Glitter Stripes

youtube nail art
youtube nail art

Everyone is going to love your nails this holiday season. You would have a really difficult time explaining to them that you did this with a thin nail tape, some color paints and brushes… and a little bit of help to get it done. You can make a difference with your nails with this simple design. You can create this with whatever colors you like and a glitter polish.

Red and Silver Christmas

This nail art design is perfect for Christmas. Get creative with your nails by painting a design of your Christmas tree with all the essential colors.

White and Glittery

This combination of white and silver is perfect for winter. You can create different kinds of designs and patterns that people will find quite alluring. You can add designs such as like Christmas tree and snowflakes to your nails.

Subtle Christmas

Perhaps you are looking for something that’s not very shouty for your nails, this nail art design is a perfect fit for you this holiday season. You can easily create this by yourself with basic nail art tools. It doesn’t require much effort or time. You can add some gloss to give it a transparent look.

Santa Christmas

Who doesn’t like Santa? This is not just a nail art design for little girls. The image of Santa replicated into this beautiful design is adorable to behold on your nails. You can create this by yourself so it is not complicated. Some red paint and a white paint color, drawn across the edges of your nails will give you this design.

Polka Dots

Youtube Nail Art

This is still one of my very best nail art designs for holiday season. For a polka dot nail clipping, you don’t always have to use an elaborate nail art tool. You could add matte yellow and some black colorings; the other nails automatically have polka dots and striped designs too, that way each nail is designed differently and creatively.

Ombre and French Ombre

This is a great alternative to the easy glitter Ombre nail art design. You can easily create this yourself with some nail tapes, disposable makeup sponges, and your preferred nail polish colors.

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